Corporate Events

The presence of Go enhances all organisations. It stimulates and develops creative thinking, fosters mutual respect, and encourages interaction across all levels of the workforce. The principles of Go are non-arbitrary, and so find application to real life situations, hence the high value put on the game in both civil and military contexts in the Far East for the last three thousand years.

Every corporate event is planned to meet current needs, but below are some guidelines for 2004/5. Events are usually a half day in duration and in-house, but full day and outside venue options are available on request.

Introductory seminars for senior staff

Provide an overview of the cultural context of Go, and an introduction to Atari Go and the full rules of territory.

Up to 25 participants. 600

Masterclasses for senior staff

Open to those who have attended an introductory seminar. The masterclasses examine some aspects of Go in more detail, and investigate corporate and personal applications of Go principles.

Up to 12 participants. 750

Family events

Go has proved to be a popular Family Learning event, and activities can be tailored to provide for the families and friends of your staff. Suitable for all ages and abilities, including special needs.

No. of participants: Minimum 30 Maximum 100 Per head: 20

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